Torchy in Heartbeats Torchy Brown in Dixie to Harlem Patty-Jo 'n' Ginger
September 4, 1937:
Torchy Brown in "Dixie to Harlem" depicted the escapades of a teenage country girl, starry-eyed and slightly wacky, abounding in pluck, optimism, and determination. Dinah Dazzle, her friend's cousin, visits from New York City, inspiring Torchy with fanciful daydreams. Here she heads North by train to try her luck at the Cotton Club in Harlem, in a setup ripe for week after week of humorous scenes. While presenting a funny, entertaining story, this strip reflected the real struggles of people moving from the South to the North. Ormes mocks the predicament of passing for white as youthful Torchy puzzles in the southern train station whether to go in the direction of the "Colored" arrow or to the more comfortable "White" section.

The book presents twelve comic strips from the 1937-38 series of Torchy Brown in "Dixie to Harlem."